Saturday, March 9, 2013

Are Haredim Waking Up From A Daydream?

Gonen Ginat at Israel Hayom:

The real problem facing prominent political figures in the haredi community is one that no one talks about. For years, they walked around with the misguided notion — a product of self-persuasion — that most of the Israeli public viewed them as the real representatives of Judaism. In reality, the overwhelming majority of Israelis never even entertained such a silly idea. But the political figures and the haredi press convinced themselves that it was precisely what most Israelis believed.
Now they are beginning to realize that they were the only ones who actually believed it, and it is a very difficult realization. Therefore, this is quite a complicated crisis. These political figures are now learning a lifetime's worth of lessons — lessons they earned through years of hard work.

I strongly agree. As I've previously written, I find the Haredi use of the term "Olam Hatorah" insulting. Underlying the concept is the belief that they - and they alone - represent the Torah. Haredim are slowly discovering that the rest of Israel does not share their belief. However, its even worse. Not only are they not the only "real" representatives of Judaism, most of the public believes that they are a very misguided one.

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