Sunday, March 10, 2013

How "Olam Hatorah" Was Ruined By Sarah Netanyahu's Hate

לא חרב עולם התורה, אלא בגלל שנאת אשת רה"מ

(The Torah World was not destroyed, but for the hatred of the Prime Minister's wife)

That line could have been taken from the Talmud, but it is actually a fairly good summary of current Israeli politics. At least according to some reports, the reason Netanyahu didn't want Bennett in his coalition is centered around his wife's dislike of Bennett. Commonly told (though I don't know if its true) is that Sarah Netanyahu pressured her husband not to invite Bennett to the coalition. The Haredi parties played along with this personal agenda, and Bennett had no option but to form a political alliance with Yesh Atid.

And so, many years hence, when the Haredim teach their children why their golden age of Yeshivish learning finally came to an end, they will surly point the finger at the hatred of one Ms Netanyahu.

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