Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pesach Chumra Watch(3) - Kosher for Passover Ham and Ostrich

London Beit Din certifies as kosher for Passover the following dog food:

If the approved products listed are not suitable, dogs can eat meat. If they are used to dry dog foods, it is advisable to move them over gradually to a pure meat diet a few days before Pesach to give them time to adjust. Applaws
P Chicken & Beef, Baby Corn & Broccoli
P Chicken & Salmon with Kelp
P Chicken & Vegetables in Ginseng Broth
P Chicken Breast
P Chicken Breast & Vegetables
P Chicken Breast with Beef Liver &
P Chicken Breast with Ham & Vegetables (HAM?? ONLY KOSHER HAM!)
P Chicken Breast with Salmon & Vegetables
P Chicken Breast with Tuna & Vegetables
P Dog Treats Chicken Breast 

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