Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why The Torah Weeps Tonight.

When I read the news today, I didn't realize how horribly Israel's Justice Minister Ha'sar Neman was abused in Me'arat Hamachpala today. However having heard the recording of the incident on the radio today, I was totally disgusted. Not only by the behavior of Noam Federman who clearly does not respect neither the state nor holy places, but also by the lack of reaction by other prayers.

Weirdly enough I was reminded of the story of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza – specifically the fact that not a single person there who watched this disgraceful display and humiliation of a man who represents the nation stood up for his honor. In the story of Kamtza this lack of action by people who should have known better led to the destruction of the temple.

It is totally irrelevant  what your political views are, or what you stance on the arrest of Harav Lior is. No person should be spoken to in this disrespectful manner, especially when dovening and even more so while praying at a holy site.  What is the most ironic is that this Hillul Shamayim was performed "For the Honor of Torah". I assure them that even were I to accept their views that arresting a Rabbi was some desecration of Torah honor, they have desecrated it far far worse.  

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