Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time Is Money - The Alarm Clock From Hell

I have a horrible memory of my Yeshivah days of one of my roomates having an alarm clock that sang "Modeh Ani" in the morning. It was in the shape of little Haredi boy. I hated it. Whenever its high whining voice started singing I would jump out of bed and attempt to assist that little boy meet his maker. After a few weeks, all of us decided that no man deserves to be woken up that way. 

And so I was amused to hear of this new alarm clock. This is an alarm clock that comes to remind you that time is money. You load a bill into the clock in the evening. If you don't get up quickly enough to turn it off - it starts to shred your money. Somehow I suspect most of us will not use $100 bills.

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