Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Law of Unintended Consequences

I was sent this story last night. For obvious reasons I will hide the names of the person involved:

In one of the religious settlements there was a young woman who came from a prominent religious family. This girl was considered one of the more religious girls in the yeshiuv, and was always a real role model. However the years passed along and this girl committed the greatest crime a religious girl can do - she didn't get married. Her parents were getting slightly nervous and started putting pressure on the girl to go to Kabbalist (Mekubal) for a consultation. After much badgering, and due to her wishes to perform mitzvat Kibbud Av Ve'em she agreed. The Kabbalist met with her and decided that she must change her name, or she will never marry.

The young woman dutifully changed her name. However the changing of her name started her wondering about who she really is. Since she has a new name, is she a different person? slowly slowy this woman with a different name started becoming less and less religious, until one day she declared that she is no longer religious. Her parents begged her to go back to her old name, but she refused and to safeguard her new freedom she left home.

The person who told me the story, did not know if she got married.

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