Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Reflections On The Elections Results

  • So would Maimonides also not have been elected? (H/t @ravtzair)

  • The Israeli center has basically said that they don't want to be poor Social Democrats, they prefer to be well off middle class.

  • Labor only got two more mandates than in the last election. Considering that their current leader is immeasurably superior to Ehud Barak, Labor clearly did not receive many votes from the social protest movements. 

  • Slightly more people (26,744 at time of writing) voted for religious crackpot "Harav" Amnon Yitzchak, then for secular crackpot Elad Yaniv (26,331). On the other hand over 700 people voted for the "Brit Olam" party headed by someone claiming to be the Messiah.

  • The Jewish Home has just about doubled their size. This is a huge achievement, and they shouldn't be crying because they didn't get even more. 

  • Kadima's mandates more or less all went to Yesh Atid, Hatenuah and...Kadima.  

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