Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ushpezin And Educating My Three Year Old Daughter

I was trying to teach my three-year-old  daughter all about Ushpezin last night. Ushpezin are so-called mystical "guests" that arrive each night at the Sukka - each night a different guest. My problem was that my daughter simply couldn't understand if these guests were really there, or if we were just "pretending".  The idea of symbolism was just going over her head. And so I found myself having to choose...are there really Ushpezin or not?

I chose to tell her that they were really there. I may not believe that mysical men arrive each night at my Sukkah, but I think it is better that three year olds believe they are really there, then understand that this is just a game of pretend..

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