Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Quick Look At The Israeli Political Parties

Just something I noticed. How many of the parties in Israel actually have primaries to decide their list of candidates for the Knesset?

Likud (Likud Beytenu) - The Likud does use primaries to set their list. However, since it just merged with Yisrael Beytenu, which does not, its next list of candidates will only be partially chosen by primaries. If I understand correctly about, 40% of the list will not be chosen by primaries.

Kadima - No primaries this election. There has been lots of speculation as to why Mofaz cancelled the primaries. The most popular theory is that inorder to win the leadership battle in Kadima, both Mofaz and Livni heavily recruited Israeli-Arabs to join the party. As such, they are now fully 1/3 of the Kadima party members, and there was serious fear that it would lead to an unelectable list of candidates.

Labor - Has primaries! even better, does not have any "reserved" slots for anyone.

Shas - Not a chance. The list is determined by a rabbinic council.

Habait Hayehudy (Mafdal) - Is in the middle of vibrant primaries. However, they have announced (though not yet signed) that they will run together with Haichud Ha'leumi which does not have primaries. It is unclear how they will organize the list between the two parties.

Yesh Atid (Yair Lapid) - no primaries, though as a one-man-show on his first run, I didn't really expect any primaries.

Meretz - Has primaries!

Yahdut Ha'torah - No primaries.

I think all the Arab parties (Hadash and Balad) all have primaries.

So basically, only Labor, Meretz and the Arab parties have a list of candidates that was chosen entirely through primaries.

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