Sunday, October 28, 2012

Racists Or Just Normal "Hate Anyone Who Isn't A Black Hat"

Benjamin Pogrund, a well known South African writer, famous for his activisim against the former Apartheid regime responds to Gideon's Levy publication of a survey that supposedly shows most Israelis favor Apartheid:

Even with all this, the extent of the hostility expressed by Israeli Jews towards the country's Arab citizens, reported in an opinion survey this week, still comes as a shock: among much else, 42% said they don't want their children in the same school class with Arab children and 42% don't want to live in the same building with Arabs.
A second look moderates the shock. The survey notes that those with the strongest anti-Arab prejudices are religious and ultra-Orthodox Jews – and this is no surprise. Rabbis incite feelings against Arabs and issue circulars urging Jews not to rent or sell property to Arabs.

One note. Most Ultra-Orthodox wouldn't be too happy if I lived in their building, or if my children were in the same class with their children. I suspect some so called Dati-Leumi people wouldn't be as well. It is somewhat difficult to differentiate racism in closed social groups from their run-of-the-mill dislike of anyone different   

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