Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rabbi Sacks - Richard Dawkins Debate About Religion Vs. Science

Some highlights:

- Rabbi Sacks defending the parting of the red sea as literal, but admitting the story of Adam and Eve is a parable. "reading the bible literally is heresy" (roughly at 17:00-19:30)

- Rabbi Sacks explaining the Jewish Atheist - Christian Atheist divide and accusing Richard Dawkins of an Antisemitic reading of the bible (22:00 - 24:30). Also explained further as an answer to a follow up audiance question at (47:15)

- Rabbi Sacks makes a very weak comparison of bringing up a child into a specific religion, and being taught English (26:00)

- Richard Dawkins stating that "there is far more in common between a liberal enlightened Jew or a liberal enlightened Atheist today, morally speaking, than between either of us and someone two hundred years ago" (33:30)

- Rabbis Sacks agreeing you don't have to be religious to be moral.

- Richard Dawkins answering the question of what things he and the Chief Rabbi have in common "We are both very nice people" (39:30)

- Rabbi Sacks "If Salman Rushdie had  been Jewish we would have welcomed him as absaloutly standard member of the Jewish community". (46:00)

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