Saturday, September 1, 2012

Harav Motti Elon Remains An Unresolved Issue

During Shabbat I noticed that my neighborhood in Jerusalem was covered with flyers for upcoming weekly shiurim by Harav Motti Elon - former RZ star, and currently being charged with sexual misconduct. Even more surprising the same leaflets advertising his speeches were in some of the weekly Torah Pamphlets that are handed out in Shul. I can understand Harav Elon's own students and supporters trying to send a message by advertising his classes. However, I would have expected respectable RZ publications not to run such ads.

Harav Elon deserves to be considered "innocent until proven guilty". On the other hand, someone facing such allegations can not be serving as a spiritual mentor. Harav Elon can wait until the court hands down its verdict     before trying to reclaim his position as the RZ first Hassidic Master (אדמור)

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