Friday, August 3, 2012

Jewish Thoughts On Romance

Today is TU B'av - what has become the Jewish "day of love". Weirdly, rather than a celebration of romantic love it seems the papers are filled with articles on why "love" has become impossible in today's day and age.

Jewish Ideas Daily - one of my faivorate reads, has published an article "Is Romantic Love a Jewish Value?" by Ben GreenField, in essence a defence of the literal meaning of Song and Songs - though allegory to God's relationship with Israel. 

Shocking that anyone can write about Romance and Judaism, without at least mentioning the story of Jacob and Rachel. For me this understanding will forever be connected with Harav Mordechai Breur. In class he once told us that anyone who tries to explain the Pasuk "And Jacob loved Rachel; and he said: 'I will serve thee seven years for Rachel thy younger daughter.'" in any manner other than the Pshat, is simply missing the point. He then continued for an hour to tell stories of well known Jews who loved their wives in the most simple romantic way. 

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