Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Observations On MofazYahu

Some quick thoughts on yesterday's surprise announcement that Kadima will be joining the Likud led government:

1. The Mafdal and Haichud Haleumi just signed an agreement to run on a shared list in the next elections. Not a good position for a coalition party (Mafdal) to be in.

2. Ariyeh Deri did not declare on a new party. He was hence saved the embarrassment of having a year and a half long attack on his character from Shas before the next election.

3.  Mofaz's answer of "We have agreed to put this behind us" in response to his past accusations that Bibi was a liar, is actually a surprisingly mature answer.

4. Lapid just can't get a break. He leaves his post as Channel 2 anchor, because of a law that never got passed and he reveals his party - and his campaigns -  before an election that never happens.

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