Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Burqa Cult Wedding - Leah or Rachel?

Its been awhile since we last had a good story of the Jewish Burqa cult. Be'chadrei Haredim provides a vivid description of a hitherto unknown part of Burqa cult lifestyle - the wedding. As can be expected the cult goes out of its way to fight the lewd standards displayed in most Haredi weddings, where the groom actually sees his future bride to be.

This is supposedly a picture of the chuppah. The curtain you can see in the middle of the chuppah, is there to separate the bride and groom during the ceremony. The Rabbi stands on the male side of the curtain, and begins the ceremony by opening the curtain and making sure that the bride - or at least a person wearing a heavy burqa -  was on the other side. When it was time to give the blushing bride the ring, the curtain was opened but a crack, and the happy groom placed the ring on a finger that emerges through the crack. And they that romance is dead!

However, I have some doubt over the authenticity of this report. Simply put, I highly doubt that a wedding ceremony so conducted would be halachicly valid. How would the witnesses be able to testify that the bride received the ring? the story is also all too reminiscent of the biblical story of Jacob being tricked into marrying Leah rather than Rachel. admittedly the Jewish Burqa Cult is known to have a loose hold on halacha - which is the official reason that the Haredi community does not accept them (the real reason being that they are all terrified that due to the Haredi race-to-Machmir, they will soon have to wear the burqa)

There are other problems with the story. The article describes how the women had to serve themselves as the  waiters were not allowed into the women's section. However, couldn't they just find some female waiters? this is especially vexing as most waiters in Israeli weddings are actually female.

Given these doubts, I'm going to classify this story as possible, but somewhat unlikely. I know that crazyness has no logical boundaries, but while I don't expect a cult wedding to have the bride actually show her face all evening, I'm fairly sure that at the very least she can't stand behind a curtain. well, somewhat sure.

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