Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lag Ba'Omer - Why Have You Abandoned Me?

I think Lag Ba'omer is unique, in that of all the festivals (Yes, it isn't really one) it is the only one where adults have nothing whatsoever to do. Even worse - we suffer.

When I was young I loved nothing better than Lag Ba'omer. There's fire, burning stuff, burning potatoes in the fire, burning anything made of wood that isn't bolted down, and seeing what stuff not made of wood will burn.

However, now as an adult I loath Lag Ba'omer. Suddenly burning stuff just isn't fun anymore. I feel especially bitter as I remember how much I used to love it. However, every year Lag Ba'omer seems to insist on reminding me how much I've grown up. Instead of loving fires, I think they stink. I hate the smokey smell. I know that potatoes in a fire, are really not tasty. I'm more than aware that those fires are dangerous, and can't stop worrying some kid is gonna get himself (or my kid) burned. Lag Ba'omer has turned from a celebration of wild burning freedom, into a hell of smokey worries.

And so I find myself wondering - Lag Ba'omer - Why have you abandoned me?

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