Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kosher Shaving

It has been some four years since I last bought a shaver, and I've decided its about time that I get a new shaver. Last time I bought a shaver, I spent alot of time reading up on what is considered a "Kosher Shaver" and which brands have a Hechsher. Wanting to be up to date on the issue, I went to Machon Tzomet's website to see what are now considered the "Kosher" brands.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn...that Tzomet have reached the conclusion, that all electric shavers are kosher. In fact, they seem to be in some doubt, that there ever was an "unkosher" shaver.

However, this leaves a greater problem. I now have so many brands to choose from, that I actually need to do research into what is the best shaver for my money. I would prefer to go back to having just a few choices.

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