Monday, February 13, 2012

Chabad Rabbis Call For People To Marry Young

A host of Chabad Rabbis have called on educators to teach their public that they should be getting married at a younger age - namely 20. What is interesting in this particular story, is the justification given. The rabbis do mention some issue of modesty, but it seems that their main concern is that unmarried young men are less likely to continue their yeshivah studies.

I've long argued that much of the Haredi insistance on a very young age for marriages, has more to do with "setting" young men in their lifestyle, than with any other concern. Once you are married, you are far less free to make any major "life changing" decisions.


Just saw that Failed Messiah has made a similar point, as well as posted a translation of the Habbad rabbinic call.

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