Monday, January 30, 2012

"I'm Not a Nice Guy, But Not a Sexual Predator"

That seems to be the line of defence used by the Haredi man who was arrested for Sexual Harassment after he called a female soldier a "whore".

"Unpleasant remarks are heard every day in Israel, including some which may be considered humiliating, and most of them are based on a person's sexuality. Those who curse are never put on trial,"
Which is fairly accurate.

 X also claimed that even if cursing a woman "is deserving of moral obloquy, it does not constitute a criminal offense of sexual harassment." 

Which is at least an admission of some guilt.

"I am not a sexual offender," X, father of 12, told his attorney on Thursday. "If anything – she harassed me. I wanted to move away and she kept moving closer." 

Oh, well I take my last comment back.

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