Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bibi and Rabbi Lichtenstein - Update 2

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's interest in Rav Lichtenstein's new book, has already been commented on here and here. However, Ha'aretz had another small addition to this saga, which I hope will be the final post on this matter:

בנאומים בכנסת שלשום כרכו לבני וגלאון, כל אחת בתורה, את כל החבילה יחד והטיחו אותה בפרצופו של נתניהו שהתעמק באותה עת, בהפגנתיות, בספר "מבקשי פניך, שיחות עם הרב אהרון ליכטנשטיין" מאת חיים סבתו. רק אצלנו ראש ממשלה נוהג כך. ראש ממשלה בריטי לעולם לא היה מעז לעיין בספרות ביושבו מול יריביו בפרלמנט.

 Roughly Translated:

In the speeches in the Knesset two days ago, Livni, Galon, each one in her turn, connected all these matters together (Women singing, anti democratic laws, "Tag Mechir" - BoT) and accused all of these ills at Netanyahu, who at the time was theatratically concentrating in the book "In quest of your presence, discussions with Rabbi Lichtenstein" written by Haim Sabato. Only here does a Prime Minister act in this manner. A British Prime Minister would never have dared to read literature while sitting opposite his parliamentary opponents.   
I'm not sure Rabbi Lichtenstein would approve of his book being used to "ignore" the female members of Knesset, but I guess this is the best evidence we have so far, that Bibi is actually reading the book.

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