Monday, January 30, 2012

Fascinating Article About Gur Hasidim

There is an eye opening article in Ha'aretz on the lifestyle and beliefs of Gur Hasidim. The article is a short summary of the doctorate of Dr. Nava Vaserman who tries to understand the theology and peculiar customs of Gur Hasidim. Her basic claim is that Gur has put "Holiness" (which seems to mean asexuality) as their main message. According to the article:

  • Gur Hasidim are taught very little about sexual relations before the wedding.
  • They are instructed how to not see women at all on the street.
  • They keep all the minhags of Nidda during the entire month (well almost..)
  • They won't hug other men, or talk to them when they are not fully dressed.
  • They men don't go to weddings so that they might not meet the females Hasidut.
And more. I recommend you read the entire article.

****update - English version of this article now available, and also a follow up article [Hebrew].

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