Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Unnecessary Hekshers Blog!

A blog that recently started has one of the best names and dedicated subject that I've seen for a long long time - Unnecessary Hekshers.  This is one topic that always manages to irritate me. The need to get a heksher for every item is nothing less then mass paranoia, and is indicative of the religious public's abandonment of self. I recommend that his next post be about the Heksherim given to toilet paper.

I was also amused by "Unnecessary Hekshers" speculating about my own little blog:

"As I am sure you can guess, this blog [i.e Mostly Kosher] has no hekhsher of any rabbinical authority. If you ask if it's okay to read it*, you'd likely receive a response of "it's not recommended". Which means "it's probably okay, but, you know, politics".

Funnily enough only about a week ago, a family member of mine who is a well known Jblogger in her own right, commented that she is still waiting for the "Mostly" part of my blog's name.  

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