Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Killing the Husband

A few days ago Kikar hashabat was abuzz with a story of a man dying. To be more specific the man died after being warned by a dayan that he must give his wife a get (divorce paper) otherwise "justice will be done from above".

This story mirrors a famous story told about Harav Eiger - where supposedly he told a man that there are two ways for his wife to be free - either with a get or by his death. The man supposedly laughed, turned around and promptly died. This is of course told as a great "miracle" story - and not as to how a rabbi scared a man into having a heart attack.

I've been looking into the origin of the Rav Eiger story, but have not managed to find it. However all my instincts tell me this one isn't a myth, so I'm going to ask for some reader help with this one.

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