Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Own Suggestion For Orot

The Orot girl school in Beit Shemesh is still making headlines, as Haredim tried to block the girls leaving the school. I think this quote from a Beit Shemesh Council member sums up my feelings quite nicely:

"We are talking about a group of scardy-cats who know how to scream at little girls in first-grade and harass them. Such mighty people. When the police came they ran away like rabbits.... " (Ht: LifeinIsrael)

Here is my suggestion. Why doesn't Beit-Shemesh council just open a police station next door? they might as well. This way the girls will be safe, and the Haredi community can enjoy the pleasure of mass Hilul Shabbat and female police officers walking the street. It seems like a logical move, since I doubt that these punks are going to behave any better in the coming years. 

And for those I'm not serious. 

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