Thursday, June 20, 2013

There Is Nothing Left To Say - Metzger

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yonah Metzger was questioned under caution by police on Thursday, for suspicions he was involved in bribery, fraud,  money laundering, and breach of trust. 

Metzger is one of several suspects in the investigation that national fraud unit made public on Thursday. 

As part of the investigation, on Thursday officers went to the house and office of the rabbi, and confiscated documents, computers, and other materials they believe may be linked to the allegations. 
There is really nothing much to add, other then it is time to send Rav Metzger home.  Rav Metzger was elected ten years ago as a non impressive, non charismatic - not much of anything - sock puppet of Rav Elyashiv. He has managed to brilliantly fail to fulfill even those low expectations.

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