Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Israelis are Searching for on Google

Ha'aretz reports on a recently published list by Google of the top searches from Israel. The list is divided into seperate categories (culture, news etc..). However, I'd like to focus on just one part of the list...the top searches in "How TO":

1. איך לעשות כסף
2. איך להוציא גימלים
3. איך עושים ילדים
4. איך למשוך אישה
5. איך לבנות אפליקציה
6. איך מתנשקים צרפתית
7. איך להתגרש נכון
8. איך להשתזף נכון
9. איך להפסיק לעשן
10. איך להיות מקובלת

Quick translation:

1. How to make money,
2. How to get "sick days" in the army,
3. How to make kids..
4. How to attract a woman
5. How to make an APP
6. How to French Kiss,
7. How to get a good divorce,
8. How to get a good Suntan,
9. How to stop smoking,
10. How to be accepted.

Anyone notice a pattern? first you make kids, then you attracts a woman, followed by french kissing, a divorce, a new suntan, stop smoking and finally you look to be accepted for who you are..

I also love that soldiers looking for sick days is the second most popular "how to" search. Only in Israel. 

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