Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quick Election Musings

  • Labor Party MK List - where have all the generals gone? Once upon a time Labor used to be the home of retired generals. Now it is the home of retired protesters.
  • Yesh Atid list - Harav Peron is a very interesting #2 on the list. I'm also intrigued that Ruth Calderon is on the list, though not in a realistic placing. The combination of the two, makes Yesh Atid  the most "Israeli-Jewish" culturally party.  Dov Lipman - the "Anglo" candidate is also not in a realistic position on the list.
  • Tzipi Livni "The Movement" - Amram Mitzna is a great person, who really should be in the Knesset. Its just ashame that he's after Tzipi Livni. There are also reports that Ben Dror Yemini might join her party, which would certainly make for an attractive list.
  • I noticed this a week or two ago, but was too busy to post about it. Mofaz launched his election campaign with the slogan "Bibi will endanger us" (ביבי יסבך אותנו). The campaign tried to brand Mofaz as the responsible adult. However, just a few weeks later, during operation Pillar of Defense, Bibi was the one who refused to order a ground attack, while Mofaz was the one championing it. 

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