Sunday, July 15, 2012

Who Do They Represent?

This flyer was distributed this shabbat across synagogues all over Israel. It is a direct attack on Naftali Bennet - one of the candidates to head the Bayit Hayehudi (Mafdal). There are a few interesting things about this flyer:

1. It is signed by the "Forum of graduates of Yeshivot Hesder, and the Mechinot" - a group no one has ever heard of. Who are they to claim to represent anyone?

2. The style of the attack is too reminiscent of Pashkevilim to speak to the Dati-Leumi public.

3. The last item of the attack - "Soldiers who wish to leave when a woman sing, should ask their commanders, and if they are refused, they should stay" (quoting Naftali Bennet) is a poor choice for attack. The position Bennet is quoted on, is not that uncommon. Attacking him on this issue places those who wrote the flyer on the extreme of the Dati-Leumi public.

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