Monday, June 11, 2012

Jews or Israelis? Ynet Vs Al Arabya

Same story, more or less the same text:

Al Arabiya News June 10 -

Iranian textbooks in Canada depict Israelis as ‘apes’
Canadian school children taking Persian language classes, study from Iranian textbooks depicting Israelis as “apes,” news website Ynet News reported Saturday.
Director of the International and Terrorist Intelligence Program at INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc. David Harris said that textbooks issued by the Iranian Education Ministry were being used in public Canadian schools.

Ynetnews June 9 -

Canada: Iranian textbook depicts Jews as apesWhile Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper believes Iran is the biggest threat to world peace and security, some Canadian school kids taking Persian weekend classes, study from Iranian text books depicting Jews as "sons of apes", Canadian network Sun News reported. 

So are all Jews apes or just Israelis? weirdly enough when you read the Ynet article you find the following explanation:

"The Israeli soldiers (in the book) looked ape-like and very much reminiscent of the popular Jihadist portrayal of Jews as the 'sons of apes,'" he said. 
"There was a grade three text that portrayed a situation in which a six-year-old Palestinian was instructing his three-year-old brother how to stone Israeli soldiers, and then the passage ends with one of the soldiers beating the young child over the head with blood flowing everywhere." 

As such, I'm going to give the accuracy mark to Al Arabya on this story.

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