Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Evolution of Purim During Your Lifespan

I believe this list accurately captures the evolving meaning of Purim through a normal guy's life:


3-10: Purim for you is focused on what costume you will wear, and what candy you will get.
11-16: Purim is focused on firecrackers.
16-23: Purim is focused on getting drunk. Not embarrassing yourself while drunk is also a plus, but not the highest priority.
23-26(some flexibility here): Purim is focused on Bar-Ilan parties (girls).
26-36: Purim is focused on what costumes your children will wear and figuring out who is likely to give you Mishloach Manot, that you have to give them back. A sub category here is the first three years of being married you prepare home made Mishlochei Manot. 
36-42: You are worried your children will harm themselves with firecrackers. This goes on for some years after your children have actually stopped being interested in firecrackers.
42-49: Worried about your children harming themselves while drunk.
49-??: Worried your children aren't at a Bar-Ilan party meeting girls. Alternatively worried that they are. Alternatively worried about the type of girls they are meeting. In other words, just plain worried. 

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