Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It Appears That I Am Also Paranoid

This morning I was walking in Bar Ilan University this morning, when suddenly I saw what could only be a missile flying in the air. It was obvious this was a missile by the steep way it rose in the air, and by the ball of fire that seemed to be surrounding it. This is a video of the event from NRG:

In the first instance I thought this must be a rocket from Gaza about to hit Tel Aviv. However a second later I thought it was simply too high to be such a short range rocket - and then I froze. I was sure I was seeing the first rockets of an attack on Iran. People around me were reacting in a similar fashion, and within seconds you could hear everyone whispering/calling on the phone and saying Iran Iran...

Of course by now we know that armageddon has not started. However this only shows the unbelievable situation that Israelis are living in - where on a normal day they can all seriously believe that  World War Three has just started just because of a flash in the sky.

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