Monday, November 12, 2012

More On The Non Existent Anglo MK

Yesterday I asked the question "Why Don't We Have An Anglo MK". Today, Ellie Fischer addressed the same issue in his post at the Times of Israel "Don't Vote For The Anglo Candidate". His post is noteworthy for two reasons. The first is that he is almost certainly referring to me when he writes:

“Ah,” the skeptical and perhaps somewhat bigoted ‘mainstream’ Anglo voter objects, “Litzman is Haredi, and Haredim hardly represent the typical Anglo voter.”
This somewhat bigoted blogger has taken note, and will get his own back in the next sentence. The second reason why the article is noteworthy is that despite listing every possible "Anglo" MK since the inception of the state, Fischer misses the point completely. We want an Anglo MK, not an MK who is Anglo. None of the people that Fischer mentions (at the very least from the last 20 years) were exceptionally Anglo. In other words none of them thought of themselves as representing the Anglo community. I don't think any of them even spoke Hebrew with a strong Anglo accent.

Every other community has a "representative" in the Knesset, or at the very least MKs who proudly wear their social/ethnic association. Why are  Anglos the exception?

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